Our team, our greatest asset

"With a heart of a start-up and a soul of a large real estate investment group."

Human capital is essential in investment projects, that is why at AVNY GROUP we have a multidisciplinary team of experts in the real estate market with unique knowledge of the sector: engineers, architects, economists, analysts, sales representatives and lawyers are a part of our team.

Ofir Avny

Founder and CEO

While studying his MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Ofir fell in love with the architectural beauty of Barcelona.

With years of experience in the Romanian and Israeli real estate markets, Ofir let his entrepreneurial sense lead him to build a company with the sole purpose of sharing his passion: making Barcelona a place you can call home.

Andrea Rabassa

Executive Assistant

Andrea is behind the scenes and makes everything work. Helping the Manager in the functions entrusted to her; administrative processes, optimizing and improving efficiency and streamlining the company’s available resources.

Caroline Le Moine

Property manager

Caroline is the professional who manages all of our apartments and the clients who rent them. She is aware of the daily market, provides our clients with a fast, professional and friendly service that differentiates us from the existing average in the market.

Victoria Martínez

Sales Manager

Victoria is responsible for leading and guiding the AVNY GROUP sales team. She is the person in charge of establishing the sales objectives, building the annual sales plan, analyzing the data, carrying out the training plans and in short, being there for everyone.


CRU Architect

Joan is in charge of the architectural development of our real estate projects, assets and furniture design, ensuring at all times compliance with rules of sustainable construction.


Other teams and collaborators

Sergio Gorina Torrents

Fiscal Manager

Toni Angerri

Business Associate

Diana Arlauskas

Interior Designer

Mar Berenguer

Legal counsel

roy sagi


Dory Benvenisti

VP Business Development

Gloriya Haralanova

Head of operations

Víctor checa

Head of Product

Adrian Villa Alba