Ofir Avny

Founder and CEO

While studying to his MBA degree in IESE Business School in Barcelona, Ofir fell in love with Barcelona’s architecture beauty.

With years of experience in the Romanian and Israeli Real Estate markets, Ofir let his entrepreneurial sense lead him into building a company with a sole purpose of sharing his passion: Making Barcelona a place you can call home.

Toni Angerri

Legal and business associate

Toni is the head of the firm UCSA (Union de Contratistas), a respected Real Estate development company in Barcelona.

The company specialises in real estate and commercial transactions. The firm performs for us all the necessary legal tests starting from checking the property credentials before purchasing all the way to deep due diligence, registration and consulting.


Andrea Rabassa

Directive Assistant

Andrea is the one behind the scenes that makes everything work. Assisting the manager in the functions entrusted to him based on the administrative process, optimizing and improving efficiency and streamlining the resources available to the company.

Caroline Le Moine

Property Manager

Caroline is our property professional that manages all of our apartments and our clients that rent from us.
She is providing our clients with fast, professional and kind services that differentiate us from the renting experience the market offers.


Victoria Martnínez

Sales Manager

Victoria is responsible for leading and guiding our team of sales people in the organisation. She sets sales goals, build a sales plan, analyse data, assign sales training and generally being there for everyone.