Lines of business

Property Management

At AVNY GROUP we are experts in managing real estate assets. We have a deep knowledge of the market and prospects for the viability of the real estate business, which allows us to carry out mediation services, advice and execution of real estate actions, specializing in rental properties.

Assets for rent

Through the figure of the property manager we carry out a comprehensive management of rental assets, both of our clients’ assets and of our own assets. We improve the management of these properties, optimize their performance and take care of both solving the specific needs of each client, as well as solving any problem that may arise in the property.

AVNY GROUP provides the necessary knowledge and experience that our clients require to watch over their rental real estate assets.

With the help of one of the group companies, Rimbo, we can offer our rentals without paying deposits!

We help investors apply for Golden Visa 

The Golden Visa is a residency permit that gives the holder the right to stay and work in Spain. Since 2013, it has been offered by the Spanish government to non-EU nationals.

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